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Promoting goodwill and friendship with Barentin in France & Warendorf in Germany
The Warendorf Visit

Our guests were very pleased with the varied an ineresting programme we concocted for them and I am sure you will have seen some of the photo taken during the 5 days.  My abiding memory is of the visitors riding on the railway and the Victorian merry-go-round at the Hollycombe Steam collection.

They also enjoyed the Titanic Exhibition at Southampton's Sea City immensely and it was good to have the quieter evening at St. Peter's Hall, seeing the Museum (below), doing the Quiz and eating our traditional fish-and-chips supper.

"Gold medal winners" at the Quiz were Pam and Ian Chambers with their guest Brigitte Ross-Bultemeyer seen below at the Farewell Supper.


At her speech during the evening, Ulrike Jaeger, Warendorf's President, gave us a voucher for another addition to the Twinning Garden.  A rose will be planted there on August 28th.

European Students in Petersfield

It has been a busy year for students here:

Franziska Betting from Warendorf (below left) spent the whole of the Summer term at TPS and left us the following message afterwards:

"Dear members from the twinning group, my name is Franziska Betting and as you probably know I am in Petersfield for almost three months.  Sadly is my time now quite finish.  I am going back to Warendorf on Saturday the 14th of July.
My aim was to improve my English and I can say I was successful.  I am feeling much surer with speaking English.   I went to the Petersfield School (TPS) and I found new friends and I have to say I am glad about this.  They always helped me understanding the topics and finding my rooms.  The lessons were interestingbut first I had to concentrate very much to understand the teacher and the topic this was at the end of the day often very tiring.  Now I can easy listen to the teacher because I started to think and dream in English.  I have now problems with my German.   The spelling of some German words is not correct any more.  My family and friends find this very entertaining.
I've met some lovely people (also from the twinning group).  They showed me the big towns like Windsor, Portsmouth, Winchester and London.  I enjoyed these days very much because I saw how the English culture is, how the old buildings look like and what the history of each town is.  This was amazing.  Thank you to everybody from the twinning group who took me to these places.
I am very grateful to Robert and Margaret Hutchinson.  I lived with themtogether and they werereally kind and helpful!  They helped me with my homework, showed me how English people live and supported all my ideas and showed me England!  This was incredible!
I am looking forward to come next summer for a few weeks again.  I hope I willmeet some people again!"

Lina le Guellec, (above right) an engineering studentliving nar Barentin, stayed with Joy Francis for three weeks and was taken to many towns during her stay.  She also helped the volunteers at the Physic Garden.  Joy says:

"We had agreed that we'd help each other with our native tongue, though Lina was even more reluctant than I to speak.  We visited an electrical engineering firm in Winchester which Lina found very helpfulas the owners spoke French, but impressed upon her the necessity of English for Engineering and Technology.
Our great move forward was through cooking.  Lina loves cooking and had given me a cookbook entitled 'Simplissimee' which was perfect for us and we used it each day.  Soon after her arrival we had a very successful day with the Three Counties NT visiting East Sussex to Bateman's, the home of Rudyard Kipling.  Later we went to stay with my elder son in Wiltshire, where Lina had her wish to swim and canoe in the Avonand also visit Bath.  The open air pool also drew her in several times.  Another of her desires was to visit the Victory and Dickie Parsons kindly came with us to help from a sailor's point of view.
Lina was very independent.  She went to London three times to different areas which she carefully marked on the map and did the same with two more visits to Portsmouth.  Later, she had another new experience going, map in hand, by bus to Chichester.  On her penultimate day we went to Bosham.  The tide was perfect for swimming by the Sailing Club and Lina had a marvellous time jumping in with several others.  We crowned the day with cake in the cafe.  I am looking forward to her next visit!"

Finally, 22-year old Julie Lindenthal (below) from Warendorf and currently at Pforzheim University, came here to work for the month of August in Meon Valley Travel in the High Street.  She was offered a self-sufficient room with the Wssenberg family in Heath Road, then Jean Jeffery put her up for her second fortnight.  Both she and her parents joined us for the fish and chip supper in St. Peter's Hall during the Warendorfers' stay.
Julie sent this brief report afterwards:
"Thanks to the twinning association, I found a place at the Meon Valley Travel Agency.  I stayed in the repatriation and the marketing departments.  Especially working in the marketing was beneficial for me, because I am studying it in Germany.  My tasks inncluded writing blog posts about travelling, to develop the presence in social media, and to help designing a new website.  I would like to thank both my hosts for their hospitality."

Tree Planting
The Warendorf gift of a rose was planted at the end of August by Town Mayor Hilary Ayer (with a little help from Town Council Head Gardener, Doug Budd).  Two Warendorf mugs can also be seen in this picture (above left), gifts from WAF to the Town Council.

Social Outing
DO think of signing on for the social outing to Gloucester Quays (picture above right) on November 22nd with Grey's Coaches:
Step back in time to a Dickensian celebration of Christmas with merry entertainment, seasonal food and drink and live music for the whole family to enjoy.  Spanning the Quays waterside area, this majical market transforms the outlet's outdoor spaces into a bustling festive, fun space.

Next (Quiz) events
We are currently planning our last event of the year: the Quiz evening.  More details in the October Newsletter.  Haslemere Twinning 's annula quiz takes place on 2nd November and costs 12.50 per head.  Anybody interested in joining them should contact me (263889) or Peter (261837).

David Jeffery